The Benefits of Organized Sports



With the onslaught of new innovations that make it more realistic to play games, children nowadays seldom want to go out and enjoy the sun with their friends. They would choose their mobile phones and tablets over going out and perspiring for even just a little, and the concept of playing organized sports solely remain within the boundaries of required school classes and competitions.


Basketball, football and volleyball leagues would only remain to be just that.
However, we should still try to encourage the little ones to go out and play. Not only would they gain the benefit of having their muscles stretched and their bones wiggled, but the movement will actually allow their overall health to benefit. The running and moderate physical exertion in these organized sports group would allow their bodies to remain fit, and playing with others who are in a similar age group would definitely improve their social skills.


They would know the basics in a competition, and they would soon learn that winning is not just the key to a successful day. Their mental capacities would develop. Devising strategies to beat the other team just doesn’t come off easily, and it needs a lot of cooperation within the organized sports group to be successful in their goals.

Of course, brainstorming also equates to a longer time of bonding with their peers. They would learn how to assert their ideas and suggest new things which they think would be an element in their winning. Not even an entire day in a classroom can provide that, and they could even interact further to create friendships that could last a lifetime.


Who knows, perhaps one day, that little league in an organized sports team would develop into something much greater, and the tot who was once running in a green field would become the most famous athlete. No pressure.

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