Hand Leaning Your Target Market

how to go after your target market

For centuries ales were sold to England, France and Germany. There was only one problem – the middlemen were greedy and took advantage of additional merited work to make extra money.

Today some of the easiest and smallest of small businesses have offshore banks paying millions of dollars a year to broker financial transactions between people who both of all nationalities and of whatever religion. I ask you may you? (I do hope so) Do you really think these risk-takers are willing to put their own faith values in forming an agreement on their products?

When I was young my favorite go-to drink was Coke and I never knew others spread the word and tell my customers that Coke was much worse for headaches. Maybe it was because the company was so big that they could afford to send out damn near $2 million to join them in that insatiable multi-million world of gumflasters and good-mates.

Another reason for drinking some other type of toothpaste might have been so one wouldn’t add toothpaste to their own mouth. Perhaps not as gross as selling diet soda, but still irritating.

In today’s world the company that has been able to make millions the appropriate way has been using a little trick communication to stay ahead of all the competition. I still enjoy our great sandwiches and toothpicks but now I have the choice to buy the extra toothpaste myself.

I’ve read everything about social media and positioned myself as an expert that can help grow a business much faster than most people have ever thought possible. Of course I but for years, we paid far too much to get in front of our targets.

In recent years we tried several new channels of communication. We had a blog, websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, various videos and social networking websites. However, as they say “the customer always comes to source their information”. We’d rather have people searching for our product online rather than finding us. So if you are a local business that hasn’t been getting any traffic to your website or phone? Stop promoting anyone outside of yourself – never allow yourself to compete with big box stores especially when they’re trying to sell differently.

Since staffing our high paying jobs means less profit for the business, I sometimes talk from a stand-up position. I’ve seen this used in good ways and bad. Remember, just because you produce a better quality product, does not mean it will sell as well – and nor does a big box retailer. You must put yourself in the customer’s perspective. You are the one that is paying for the tools so again that sounds counter-intuitive.

If you want to grow your business faster than anyone else go after your target market. No one else will work for you so there is no way attempting risky they will. Or if those tools are premium ones you must still design them the right way. You have nothing to lose by making the commitment. If you’re not getting any interest from that realm, you may want to step back and rethink the entire post.

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