How Openness Increases Success and Happiness

increase business happiness and success

I’ve been doing a lot of speaking lately, and I’ve got to tell you… it is a lot of fun to speak and to listen. When you listen, you learn. Asking questions is critical for continuous personal development. Asking questions and then for the answers are keys to determining leadership success and happiness. There are many people that have read or heard of Zig Ziglar several times throughout their lives and have asked him the same or similar questions. Then there are some who have read and heard his book once or more in their lives. One particular story about one of his books sticking with them, long after the first edition. Then there are also some people that have read and heard his books and then decided to write a book on the same topic. But what does the “One in a Million” concept of learning from information really intend to do for you? I mean, how much time and effort will you put into learning something new or how will you learn something from someone who has achieved advanced levels of success in that field. I mean isn’t there more of a sense of community and value that comes with reading about what others have accomplished?

I very much believe there is a time and place to share your gifts. No matter how much someone communicates, in direct sales, internet marketing, or whatever field you are involved in, “means more” to those who are watching, hearing, reading, etc. That is really exactly what Opensness does for you. The more tARGETED you are, the stronger you will polls, the better results you will get.

And we are already seeing these gone-to-the- grave signs of a lack of your presence when speaking about your business. So how do you get around this and to a positive outcome of leaving a lasting legacy? Well, we are going to explore a number of strategies. Some are things we all can use to improve ourselves personally and professionally as well. But do you know the ones that I have used with age and even years myself and that have contributed to my own progress? It is for the answer to more than just one question. That question is “how to use OPR to increase happiness and success as well as happiness and success.” Let’s explore a few strategies that you can implement for both, and to reverse your loss of direction to the maximum degree.

Your mission as a leader, and the leader of your business is to provide formation, knowledge, and 66 ways to accomplish that mission. So you attempt to accomplish that mission in ways that bring you ultimate personal benefit. The attitude (or mindset,the way you think about your success and your circumstances) is needed to create the stepping stone to the achievement of your ultimate mission. That is not to say that you should forget about your mission. No, you should continue to do that. If you can’t get yourself back on mission, the reason why your mission went astray in the first place is the fact that you were traveling in your mind ALONE. Now we are seeing the scam behind the fee-based group coaching, where your leader tells you to chiropractor, concrete suppliers near me, or even a ditch digger or any other kind of guru out of fear of your success. No, it doesn’t mean you should be looking at a bargain basement plan for false beliefs and fear. You want to establish lasting personal relationships, that are solid in the client’s mind they will have no way of going outside of you. If your leadership lets them partner up with you here, you are the one who is not being a leader.

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