How To Build Your Own Subscriber List

Build Your Own Subscriber List

Anyone who has been around marketing on the internet for some time has discovered how profitable it can be if you have a list of targeted and responsive subscribers who are interested in your email messages. How do you achieve this?

Here is the first thing you need to do:

Find a niche

You must target your audience by either finding them with a specific keyword phrase or keyword phrase in a popular niche, or on a topic that is relevant to a very specific audience. Although the solution to this may not always be a problem, it does become a problem when you try to reach more targeted audiences.

The best way to do this is to find a category of people, who either don’t currently have a list or have not yet built a list. You then laser target your niche such as morris coupler in order to send all of your emails at they have opted in from your pages.

You can target different niches with different problems, issues and goals. For example:

You could design an email message that offers tips on how to prepare for a garden party

You could offer a free report on how to avoid a relationship with a cheating partner

You could offer tips on losing weight before the holiday season – a hit amongst the men that have a low self esteem

You can design a special report on how to choose the best holiday for a child

You can offer a free report on how to prevent children from smoking

All you need to do is write out a short article about a topic that targets a very specific attention (be particularly specific under a set of problems and goals!)

Join forums that are related to your topic

Once you have identified your target market, you need to join Google Groups and Yahoo Groups to join the discussion and the forums. Are you an IT expert? Join a forum about IT discussions and information gathering. Are you a stressed out lately weight loss guru? Join a forum about weight loss and dieting (and an overall vision of health and up-to-date technology)

Have you ever read an internet marketing message that had you asking, “Yes, but how can I build my list?”

This is a perfect example of a “targeted niche” list. Your first job is to decide on your niche. Always check out Wikipedia for more ideas. This will help you to also decide on the best way to drive traffic to your website. How you do this is also a good idea. The following tips may help with this.

auto-responder and squeeze page

do you have friends or family members with a list? Ask them to promote your website on their list – if they can do that on the times of course you will not care too much about them promoting your site. You have to put yourself in the picture, get involved in their business. Just remember that they are not going to be making a fortune for you personally.

Forums for websites are a great place to start getting prospects for your list. Do you belong to any forums that are directly related to your topic, product, industry or the market you are entering? Do not be shy and actually post messages to the list.

The real human interaction is incredibly powerful. People will a) KNOW that you are face-to-face and heart-to-heart website visitors b) Are much more likely to be receptive to your offer. You can even post your invite message straight from your web-page if you have written a targeted email campaign. For this you can simply copy and paste your URL into your email so that you can send it for FREE using instant mass responder.

The best part about this is that you are networking one-on-one with people. There is an emotional connection between you and the person, and your bond will become stronger because you will be directly talking to him or her in real time about something that you put so much effort in to. This is invaluable and will see your business rolling control!

Joint Venture deals

Are you a member or contributor to other people’s mailing lists? Do you own a Blog? Run ads on your blogs that link to your squeeze page (or even your squeeze page is redirected to your auto-responder or an opt in page).

Create Online Newsletters

Create a name-your-niche e-newsletter that has a tip in it or an article for people who opt-in on their own subscriber pages.

For example, if you are a car dealer in Refreshments, put an offer in your e-newsletter for a free car tune-up.

Send contests to your list

A good way to keep people on your list is to run a monthly perhaps weekly contest. For example, the last time I did a car magazine offer to win a new car for every one that mails-in that enters.

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