How to Hire a Newport Beach, CA Junk Removal Company?

a Newport Beach CA Junk Removal Company

Do you’ve some old junk lying around your New Port Beach, CA house? If yes, you may want to get rid of the junk as quickly as possible. Delaying the job can invite a multitude of problems, the most prevalent being health hazards. Also, an unclean area can pose serious threats to the environment. So how do you get rid of this serious issue? Your best option will be a reliable junk removal company. The good thing is many removal companies offer their expertise. The bad part is not all of them are worth your attention. If you need help on hiring a reputed company, check out the below advice.

Tips on hiring a reputed junk removal service

Many folks try to do away with the junk in a do it yourself manner. Also, some folks hire a janitor to clear junk from their place. However, all such individuals end up creating a mess. Getting rid of junk isn’t a piece of cake that you gulp it down easily. You need a professional service committed to removing junk, nothing less. Here are handy tips that should help you pick an ideal service.

List out reputed services

Obviously, you want to hire a Newport Beach, CA dependable company that offers its removal services in your particular area. To do that, ask people in your close contacts and acquaintances. Your buddies, relatives, co-workers, and trustworthy neighbors could help out. Those who’ve hired a service for removing junk will provide the much-needed help. These folks could also help you select an ideal company matching your particular requirements.

Yellow pages and local directories are other worth exploring venues. Check them thoroughly to find out reliable companies for clearing junk. Above all, don’t forget to surf the net.

Today, every service has its presence on the World Wide Web. A simple search on the web will let you list out popular junk removal companies in and around your place. Once you create your checklist, it’s time to examine each of the companies minutely to make an informed choice.

Check capabilities

Removing a few pieces of junk furniture is one thing and creating an access road to a site is a different chore. Even if you’ve a simple job at your disposal, it’s always advised to review the range of work the company in question is capable of. A company with a wide range of services is a better and safe bet than other companies. It could be highly comforting to know that the company will be able to handle any unforeseen situation that may pop up during the removal procedure.


Trucks are the lifeblood of any Newport Beach junk removal company. Figure out how many trucks the company has. Also, check the sizes of trucks and other equipment at the company. A company with upgraded equipment and multiple trucks (of various sizes) is a better bet compared to a company with outdated equipment and small-sized vehicles.

Credentials and registration papers

Removing junk involves a lot of time and expert knowledge. You need a service that’s trained to handle the job efficiently. So, assess the credentials of the Newport Beach, CA companies you’re considering. Find out how qualified the professionals at the companies are. Also, check their registration papers. Always consider a company that’s registered and has qualified professionals.


Never choose a removal company that’s new in the field. Such a company may not be good at handling complicated junk removal chores. Instead, focus on services that have years of experience and expertise in clearing various types of junk.


Find out what kind of Newport Beach, CA groups and associations the junk removal service belongs to. If they’re a member of the Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, or the Local Chamber of Commerce, that lends to their credibility. You may also want to check their score at these sites. A quick look at their score and ratings will let you know whether they fare well in the eyes of customers.

Recycling policy

Although your Newport Beach junk will be removed from your place, it won’t evaporate. As a responsible citizen, it’s your duty to find out how the junk will be dealt with. You can do that by checking the recycling policy of the junk removal company. Make sure that the companies in your checklist coordinate with scrappers, donation centers, and recycling facilities to save every salvageable piece from getting into the landfill. If the company in question simply dumps the junk in a landfill, remove it from your list.

Check past jobs

Find out whether the Newport Beach, CA company in consideration has documented anything about its past jobs that are quite similar to yours. Before-and-after pictures, case studies, and blog posts will do the needful. A simple scan at any of these options will give an insight into the process they take up for the project you have.

Testimonies and references

You may also want to talk to their past clients before choosing any California junk removal company. Any good company should be able to enlist verifiable testimonies. If you don’t find any references and testimonies, it’s about time to switch to another removal service.


As with any other product or service, pricing has a key role in the selection procedure in Newport Beach. While nobody would want to expend too much on junk removal, hiring a cheap service isn’t advisable. Never base your selection procedure on pricing alone. Try to have a balance between pricing and quality.

Check reliable companies with a proven track record. Go through their work portfolio, experience, credentials, and ratings minutely. Finally, settle with the best company that could clear all sorts of junk from your place in an affordable manner.

Closing thoughts

Choosing an ideal Newport Beach, CA junk removal company can be a big chore, thanks to numerous companies out there. As well as price, you need to consider several factors to pick the right service. You can get rid of all these issues by being wise. Just take a look at the above points when checking removal companies. Within no time, you could find the best service for removing junk from your place.

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