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This is my review of Seek Easy Online Marketing.  I run a small T-Shirt printing business in Ocala.   Most of my business came from sport’s teams wanting jerseys printed for the upcoming season.  Most of my money came in during the fall and spring.  In between and especially during the summer my business suffered.  I almost considered calling it quits when I got an email from Annie Pearce of Seek Easy Marketing.

In her email she stated the foundation of a business’ online presence is social media, the more you have the stronger your website will be and the easier it is to rank for your keywords.  At first glance I didn’t think much of it and pushed it aside.  It’s funny I didn’t delete it, and I’m glad I didn’t.  After a few days of not making a single dollar and a few sleepless nights, I happened to glance at Annie’s email again.  I decided to give her a call.

The Consultation

Surprisingly, Annie answered the phone.  With other consultants I usually have to leave a message with a receptionist and they get back with me in about a week’s time.  She first asked me, “What are your goals?  Are you looking for leads from Social Media (indirect leads she explained) or targeted leads from search engines such as Google.  I told her I really don’t know, I just wanted more customers.  She told me the best method for that was to have my company at the top of the search engines for terms such as t-shirt printing Ocala or Sport’s Jerseys Ocala.  This made sense, but I had no idea how to do that or how Seek Easy would do it.

She then went on to explain that before she could rank those keywords, my company would need to have a strong social presence – the foundation.  These social signals would increase the Domain Authority of my website.  If you don’t know what DA is, you can click on the link to have it explained – trust me – I didn’t know what it was either, and sort of still don’t.

The consultation went a lot longer that I expected, but I was not complaining.  It contained so much information that my mind couldn’t comprehend it all.  Annie gave away so much FREE information to help my business, I’m surprised she didn’t charge for the consultation.


The Cost

My last question and the most important – how much?  She told me she would do a custom quote.  A few hours later the quote popped up in my inbox.  I was surprised that my heart beat a little faster.  Here was the opportunity that could save my business, but my heart felt heavy after I saw the quote.  To cover the Ocala area would cost me over $400/mo for 6 months and a statewide campaign cost $1,100/mo for 9 months.  I know marketing costs are not cheap, and that was not why my heart was heavy.  I couldn’t afford it, and I knew I needed it desperately for my business to stay afloat.  I thought of taking out a loan, but I’m not much of a risk taker and decided against it.  I could ask friends and family for a loan, and they would give it quickly and without question, but I’m a believer in not asking for help.  I know – stupid.  My mind comprehends that sometimes you need to ask for help.  Annie’s Ocala Online Marketing Company would save my business, but I was too afraid to take on the debt.

Annie sensed my hesitation and told me of her introduction offer of setting up social media and managing it for me, which she reminded me this is the first thing she does for all clients.  It’s imperative this is set up first before ranking my site.  For a one time fee of $97 and $50 a month, she would set up 48 social media accounts, all linked to my website that would post content on a weekly basis.  This I could afford.  I quickly paid and within 48 hours I had a little social media empire for my t-shirt printing business.  Within a couple of weeks I got 12 leads from social media and got 3 orders.  I’ve almost broke even with my fee paid to Annie within only 13 days.  This works!  She told me 80% of her client’s customers come from ranking keywords, only 5% or so come from social media, and the other 15% from referrals.  This excited me, and I knew it wouldn’t be long till I could afford the Seek Easy’s fees.

The Next Step

Annie told me the next step would be to set up citations and reviews on Google and Yelp from satisfied customers and then it would be onto ranking my site.  She manages all my social media for me and sends me an email to see how things are going once a week.  She’s very hands on and I’m happy I hired her and suggest anybody that has a lagging company or a business that needs a boost to give her a call and make sure to check out her website!

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