Finding the best tires for your vehicle can be a difficult task. Due to this, a website called Consumer Reports, samples tires from 50 different companies to determine which tires have the longest life, the best grip and the shortest stopping distance. The tires are taken through as many as 14 tough tests.


Choosing the right tires can greatly enhance the efficiency of your vehicle. To be able to choose the right tires for your truck you should first take into consideration the terrain on which the truck is driven.Some of the factors to be considered when choosing truck tires include:

1- TREAD LIFE – When considering this, you should keep in mind that the tire’s wear rating is usually done by the manufacturer and does not necessarily depict the actual life expectancy of the tire. To get a better picture of the rating you should look at part of the Uniform Tire Quality Grading (UTQG). The UTQG establishes the rating for traction, tread wear and the tires resistance to temperature.

2- REQUIREMENTS FOR WET WEATHER – Depending on where you live, you might want to consider having all season tires. For those living in areas that experience snow may decide to have spare tires to replace the normal ones during winter.

3- SPEED RATING – Even in rural states, the interstate speed limit is around 75mph. Therefore there is no need to invest in tires with a very high speed rating, say 150mph. Instead you would be better off installing H-speed truck tires with a rating of around 130mph.

4- RIDE QUALITY – If your intention is to drive on rough terrain then it is best to stay away from low profile tires. Such tires will expose the truck’s wheels to more damage due to their stiffer sidewalls as compared to high profile tires.
When choosing truck tires, the safest bet is to go to online stores whereby, after putting your truck’s spec, you will be given corresponding tire specs with the various brands available.

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