Home Remodeling Ideas

home remodeling ideas

It is great to have inexpensive home remodeling ideas – they tell us directly what we will need to change. I start at the more expensive items – install new flooring, replace leaky or flimsy appliances, or enjoy a new …

What is a Bucket Truck and What are they Used For?

bucket truck uses

A bucket truck is a utility vehicle with a man-carrying bucket at the end. At its core, the bucket keeps the workers safe so that they can comfortably use the tools as they work. Bucket trucks have long been used …

The Importance of OSHA Compliance Training

OSHA Compliance Training

When it comes to safety, cutting costs and corners should never be an option. As business wonders and CEOs of experience can attest, the cost of ensuring worker safety and proper training is nothing compared to the cost legal settlements …

How to Stay Alive if You’re Caught in a Building on Fire

building fire safety

You will never know when a fire suddenly strikes that’s why it is important to know the basic fire protection so you will not find yourself in a tight spot when fire happens. Don’t be caught unprepared when your place …

How to Start a Demolition Business

How to Demolish a House

Our demolition process will start with basic demolition instructions.

Step 1: Get a Plan of the How

Setting up a demolition site requires some basic planning and pre-commissioning, as well as detailed information about the preliminary matter in terms of …

Iran holds funeral for assassinated nuclear scientist

The funeral and burial of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s chief nuclear scientist who was killed last week, was held on November 30. Top Iranian officials have blamed Israel for the attack without providing evidence to support their claims. CNN’s Fred Pleitgen …

France’s ruling party promises change in controversial proposed security law

French President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling party on Monday promised to change the flagship measure of a proposed security law, which would restrict the filming of police officers, after the provision sparked large protests for infringing on free speech and police …

Afghan major who helped save US pilot begs Pentagon to ‘keep their word’ to protect his family and him

Mohammed Naiem Asadi and his wife, Rahima, haven’t slept well in days. They are too nervous to eat much. They are trying to keep their fear in check for their 4-year-old daughter. But their bodies sometimes betray them.

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Woman is recording her self dancing when a stalker climbs her second story balcony to break in.

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