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How to Do Bathroom Shelving

Bathroom Shelving Tips

You may by now or don’t know how many bathroom shelving options are available to you as a home owner. The most important thing when selecting bathroom shelving is to make sure that you find a shelving design that matches …

The Benefits of Hiring a Siding Contractor

Hiring a Siding Contractor

There are many benefits to contracting out the exterior work to contractors including the time savings and direct contact to the professionals, but many contractors are now working at home-you can hire them for your home siding replacement jobs. They …

Best Practices For Becoming LEED Certified

Becoming LEED Certified

LEED certification is a level of environmental stewardship based on sustainable renovation principles and referrals. LEED certification promotes sustainable development through criteria offered by the American Institute for Sustainable Development (AISD), aOO palms conference, and the builders industry. Many institutions …