Outsourcing for an independent contractor is usually a hard task for many and frankly very stressful to find the perfect match. Being able to rely on an independent contractor to take away all your construction burdens can be the best feeling, and there is where the market is created.

Many people are contemplating whether it is the best choice for their projects and more people are getting interested in the notion of having someone take up the roles. If you have had thoughts of how to do construction management consulting, you are in the right place.

This article will explain all there is about construction management consulting in California, what you need to do, what roles you will be carrying out and what competencies you should have to thrive in the industry.

All about construction management consulting in California

Construction management consulting is a professional service offered to construction projects. It aids in project management in terms of overseeing various sectors of the project. That could be;

– Planning 
– Design 
– Construction 
– Quality management 
– Time management 
– Cost management 
– Administration 
– Safety management 
– Quality management, and
– Professional service 

For all these areas, a consulting firm should provide meticulous support throughout the construction project’s life cycle from the beginning to the very end.

The term construction is also a vast meaning to mean various kinds of infrastructure. They could be;

– Agricultural – this is in the case of a ranch or homestead. The building of barns and sheds for the animals.
– Residential – the flats, apartments, private homes, and villas.
– Commercial – these refer to buildings and office spaces, tower offices and blocks.
– Institutional – these are schools, colleges, and universities.
– Industrial – the storage units, factories, and warehouse.
– Infrastructure – roads, bridges, pier, and other roadworks.
– Environmental – the dams and other eco-friendly buildings.

Role and responsibilities

Before anything else, let’s look at the roles of construction management.

– They need to control the 3 constraints of project management. Delivery, costs, and quality. This is the major role of every consulting firm.
– Specifying the objectives and plans of the project. They have to look at the scope of the project, the budget at hand, schedules to be followed and the performance requirements of the project.
– They have to maximize resource efficiency. For every construction project, resources are the major factors. It is the role of every firm to ensure their employees have fully optimized their resources in terms of labor, material, and equipment.
– They have to implement proper control and coordination of the project. This goes for all sectors of project management, the planning, design, contracting and the whole entire process at large.
– They have to develop a good working environment with great communication through and through. They will be the bond between the construction workers and any other employees. They will have to resolve any conflicts that may arise during the life cycle.
– They reduce costly mistake, failures and take up risk control and management of the project. The firm has to control all the overhead costs and take up risky steps to ensure the project will be as prosperous and successful as possible.

These are just but a few of the responsibilities every firm should have. Of course, some may opt to take it up a notch and offer more value and added control in the mix. It will all depend on the company’s capabilities.

Core competencies

For construction management consulting California to prosper, it has to have clear and outlined competencies that will shine through and attract clients. Below is a list of some of the common competencies.

Professional expertise – you should have qualified and competent people who will offer hands-on experience and professionalism in every job.

Competitiveness – a good firm will always stay on top of the game. Have the latest technological advances and the best of resources to offer to their clients.

Positivity– a good firm should always have a base of positive reviews. That will be the first things most people will look at before hiring the firm. Maintain good relationships and get positive feedback always.

Reliability– the consulting firm will always be the burden carrier for the project. They will take away what most people find stressful. You will handle the finances, the payments to workers and even communication with vendors and other participants. They have to be reliable and trustworthy in all their actions.

Exclusivity – a good firm has to be able to provide great support throughout the entire project period. The scope of work will remain the same and hence the work efficiency should.

How to do construction management consulting in California

It is actually pretty easy to start up to be a consultant. You need to set up shop. Like in an office suite or a suitable environment for both clients and staff to feel free to work. To attract, you have to be presentable.

Next, you will need to get your staff. Employees and supporting staff are very essential. With the new laws in place, the California law of construct has set up licensing for project managers among other professionalism.

You can include project managers, IT specialists, technical and operational support teams. Do training for new staff.

You have to ensure you have the right staff for the project, all qualified and capable to provide good quality and unsupervised work.

Once you get all your staff and they are ready to work, you should market yourself. Open a website or a blog an put up tags on your work. Add previous work or examples of your work to get people interested in the job.

You could also reach out to your network and contacts and seek jobs, to begin with, if the firm is completely brand new.

From there, seek positive reviews from the people you have already worked for. Also, ask for referrals and recommendations. If the job is actually good enough, you could also seek to be maintained by the employer in case of renovations or other construction needs.


A construction management consulting firm is an anchor to many sectors of project management. They will provide the support and efficiency projects need. They will take away the burden and pressure of talking to outsiders other independent contractors.

That is why the market for this industry grows each coming day. Making it a lucrative business. But you have to put up work and dedication to the job.



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