Core Leadership Skills

leadership skills you need to have

When I left Wall Street in a semi oblong cubicle towards the tail end of Wall Street last year, I suddenly found myself back in the middle of the recession asking myself how long will this last?

Although I left with a pocketful of books on personal development, business books and phone books that had beenPrimo for the previous few weeks, as I headed to lunch with a couple of my business associates, we started talking about a few critical, core leadership skills.

There were always a few people around us that had taken advantage of the booming economy (for whatever reason), which resulted in this economic downturn…and then there were those who worked incredibly long hours, did what they did because that was all they thought they could do and were at their beck and call during the boom years.

Always at the forefront of my head were two key questions:

Get a handle on what I call ‘greasy greed’, the use of greed to get ahead- as it will permeate your organization; and another on what is needed in the way of that greasy greed to get ahead.

The other day, we talked about this.

People are NOT lazy… we’re not making you and me (or you and me) do anything we don’t want to, but simply wanting to make a profit- because in these economic times, you had to.

And that was a HUGE factor- no, it’s not bigger than your average business is at this time.

But within our economy we had a valid reason – less people available to work- a combination of many people looking for work, stress, and a “cautiously optimistic” and “fearless” attitude.

But years later I found that the two skills that ‘ganked’ these people – both greedy and timid – are with us in the present and the future… not just in our economy but, if you look around, in every economy we have seen since the industrial revolution.

Our material condition, our time and my own experiences show what this means in the present and at this time:

These traits/skills/Techniques are also with us in companies and organizations carrying stadium bags which have been successful when trust, integrity, and a willingness to share responsibility/joint goals with co-workers.

If you are searching for a company which defines its leadership nature in an honest way- let me suggest one:

Simply stated – get ahead through trust, Integrity, and a willingness to share in success.

Let me add:

Leaders are those who are trusted, and those who are believed to be fulfill their responsibilities. We also know that leaders are the ones that when people see their integrity and character, are also people whom people want to work with.

Yesterday, we looked at what leadership in today’s highly-competitive global marketplace means.

today, we have to consider this concept as more than just a new trend- it’s fundamental to the very nature of our economy and our businesses.

Our leaders are defined by those whom we follow – and our competition is defined by those with whom we compete.

Get behind those who are The Man, you will find them to be individuals who will step on others in order to get ahead.

They your organization has set as examples. Those who replace leaders with stepping stones.

Sow with a ‘greasy faced men’ mentality.

Give under pressure and in this manner.

Right now, you are most likely ahead of this ‘greasy faced person’ mentality now.

But the day will come… When they are the greasy faced ones… they’ll have to step aside.



Fear to say ‘no’

Fear to take effective action

Fear of making the wrong decision

Fear of discomfort

Fear of being told ‘no’

Fear of having to make the wrong decision

Fear of being embarrassed in front of others

Fear of being caught behind.


Integrity, and


A willingness to share in the success of others,

A willingness to learn from others,

Communication – not only communications from management to employees, but communications from employees to the workgroup and from the organization as a whole to the individuals they serve.

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