Dog Trainer Pros and Cons




In a world where nearly everyone owns a dog, people always wonder whether they should have their dogs trained or not. In this article we will focus on the pros and cons for hiring a dog trainer.

1. Social skills

When you hire a professional dog trainer, they impart good skills necessary for your dog to interact well in social gatherings with other pets and people around them. This means that your dog will not bark at people, lunge on the leash when it sees birds or other pets. These essential skills that your dog learns will enable it to accompany you anywhere and will be adored by people you meet. A win win situation for you and your dog.

2. Obedience

A well trained dog has obedience. This allows for a healthy relationship between the dog and its owner which comes in handy when setting boundaries for what is acceptable for your dog and what is not.

3. Safety and better Control

For safety, a trainer will teach your dog commands like stay, come, fetch and sit. These might seem like basic things but this enables your dog to be easily controlled. And when your dog is called upon it will respond and prevent him from dashing away from you and get into trouble.

The major cons for hiring a dog trainer are as follows:

1. Cost

This will be a major factor as hiring a professional might be costly and this might affect your finances if you were not prepared for it. With consistence and patience you might be able to train your dog yourself.

2. Amateur

With dog training in the raise, many people are getting into the business to make a quick cash on unsuspecting dog owners. You might end up with an amateur who promises good discounts but offers mediocre results. Always make sure you do a good background check before you hire, ask tough questions on training methods and how effective they are.

We hope this article shades some light needed and enjoy the process as your dog gets his manners in check.

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