What is Dustless Floor Removal and How is it Beneficial?

Changing the flooring of your Fayetteville, AR home can be a fulfilling experience. As well as rendering a pleasing look, a new floor provides for better functionality. However, removing the existing floor could be a messy process. As well as time, a lot of dust disperses in the atmosphere during the removal process. Besides affecting the environment, the dust particles can impact your health negatively. However, you may resolve these issues with dustless floor removal.

What’s dustless floor removal?

Dustless or dust-free floor removal involves removal of the existing floor while reducing the number of harmful particles that escape into the air. An innovative vacuum attachment to the removal tools ensures that minimum dust particles get into the atmosphere.

The process protects the removal contractor, homeowners, pest, children, and the surrounding place from the resultant dust as well as harmful particulates. One particular harmful dust is crystalline silica; it’s harmful to human health and classified as a carcinogen by the cancer institute.

The dustless floor removal method

The dust-free procedure incorporates particular tools and methods aimed at getting rid of harmful substances and dust during the removal process. These specialized tools hammer, chip, and grind the floor as well as the underlying thin-set mortar effectively.

At the same time, vacuum-type attachments catch the hazardous dust which is a byproduct of the removal process. The result is a clean environment. You can even prepare and eat lunch during the removal process.

Who benefits from the process?

Anyone could benefit from the innovative dust-free floor removal process. Each of the potential clients has his own reason to choose this removal process. Although the benefits are the same, the reasons differ slightly.

Residential customers choose the dust-free floor removal process because they’ve pets and children. Certain customers opt for the procedure because one of their family members is prone to lung issues. Residential customers also prefer the dust-free process when safeguarding the flooring surface of their house is a priority.

Commercial customers such as restaurants and healthcare establishments choose the procedure for cleanliness and sanitation reasons. While health safety is also a concern, sanitation and cleanliness are paramount in these facilities to attract clients. Other commercial customers include convention centers and resort owners.

Benefits of dustless floor removal

The benefits stemming from dust-free floor removal are varied and numerous. A few of the important ones are detailed below.


The traditional method of stripping off the floor consumes too much time. Your day to day life could take a big hit until the procedure is over. Dustless removal, on the other hand, is very fast.

The method employs cutting-edge tools and techniques to hammer, grind, and remove your flooring. You could carry out most of your chores during the removal process. Plus, the whole removal process is finished in a lot less time compared to the conventional method.

Protects the foundation

If you strip off the floor using the conventional method, the foundation of your flooring may become weak. Also, the concrete slab of the sub-floor could sustain damages due to chipping hammers. When this happens, your home is at the risk of serious damages in case a storm or mild earthquake hits your area.

Dust-free floor removal averts any such probability by safeguarding the foundation and sub-floor in the first place. The method uses sophisticated equipment to remove the flooring that doesn’t damage the concrete slab or the foundation, thus rendering strength to your floor and the structure.

Surface preparation

Installing a new floor in Fayetteville involves surface preparation. It takes a lot of time and efforts to prepare the surface for the new floor. However, the surface could get damages when removing the old flooring. If this is the case, your new floor won’t be installed properly. Also, it could sustain damages every now and then.

Such a scenario could be easily averted with the dustless floor removal procedure. The process gets rid of the old flooring without posing any issues to the surface. Whether you wish to install a hardwood floor or wooden floor, the dust-free process allows you to accomplish your goals as desired.

Health safety

When an existing floor is removed through a traditional method, dust particles including crystalline silica get scattered here and there. Prolonged exposure to particles of crystalline silica could cause severe lung issues, including cancer. Asthma, tuberculosis, silicosis, etc are other dangers originating from crystalline silica.

By opting for dust-free floor removal, you protect yourself and your loved ones from these potential dangers. Even the removal contractor and his personnel are safeguarded from these health dangers.


As stated earlier, the dustless procedure minimizes the amount of dust escaping into the air. A major portion of the dust is collected in vacuum-type attachments. This, in turn, protects the environment from harmful particles that might pollute the air. By choosing the dust-free process, you actually demonstrate your contribution to a greener planet.


Some folks think that the dustless floor removal procedure in Arkansas might be extremely pricey. However, that’s a mere myth. Many reliable companies offer their expertise at a reasonable charge. Without breaking your bank account, you could get rid of your existing floor effectively. If you examine the cost-benefit ratio, you’ll figure out that the dustless procedure is a cost-effective and better option.

Less labor

As well as being cost-effective, dust-free removal saves you from the headache of cleaning the floor after the removal process. In the case of a traditional method, you need to hire someone to clean the dust after stripping off the floor. The dust-free process saves this labor, time, and money involved by doing away with dust in the first place.

Bottom line

The above discussion makes crystal clear how dustless floor removal could help any structure. Affordability, Eco-friendly, safety, quickness, etc are some of the appealing benefits of dustless floor removal. For these reasons, many modern-day homeowners choose this innovative process over the traditional removal method. If you wish to tap these wonderful benefits, get in touch with a reputed floor removal service and feel the difference.

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