How to Hire a General Construction Contractor in Colorado?

colorado general contractor

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom or knock out the walls to make your cooking area bigger? In order to get the job done, you may want to hire a Colorado general contractor. However, hiring the best professional isn’t easy. You ought to weed out bad contractors from the good ones. Choosing a good contractor could make a major difference between a top-class work and an utter nightmare. For many homeowners, the hardest part of any remodeling project is hiring the right person for the job. Here are handy tips that should help you ease this herculean task.

Figure out your needs

Depending on the project, you’ve to differentiate between a contractor and a handy person. A handy person is a professional engaged in home repairs that doesn’t require permitting. Such a person can handle any project around 5,000 dollars. A general contractor, on the other hand, takes care of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical chores that warrant a permit. So figure out your needs to determine whether you need a contractor or a handy person.

Seek references

Obtaining first hand information about contractors from your close contacts is the starting point. Find out folks who’ve hired a general contractor for home renovation projects. You may seek help from your pals, relatives, and neighbors in this regard. Those who’re familiar with any reliable contractor might help out.

If you live in a region with plenty of resources, seek help from your local lumber yard or home improvement store for contractors. In many cases, local stores could lead you to a few reputed contractors. Also, be mindful of contractors that few residents have heard of, or don’t know where they buy building materials. Poor-quality materials could be the beginning of a nightmarish renovation.

In addition to this, search for general contractors in your local area on the World Wide Web. Perform a search query with appropriate keywords in your preferred search engine and hit the enter button. Within a few moments, you should be able to list out hundreds of contractors matching your search criteria.

Verify their license

Once you’ve a handy list of Colorado contractors, you may want to scrutinize them to make an ideal choice. First of all, check their license and registration details. Any general contractor has to carry license and permit before he could offer his services. If a particular professional doesn’t show his registration documents and permit, remove him from the checklist. Dealing with registered contractors means they’re endorsed by the state to carry out renovation chores.

Check credentials

Fixing minor issues is one thing and carrying out a major Colorado remodeling project is another scenario. You’ll find many contractors out there. However, all of them aren’t worth your time and attention. You need a person who can do the job perfectly as desired. Time wasters should be avoided at any cost. So, how can you assess the potency of a general contractor?

This is where certificates and training come into the picture. Any good contractor possesses particular set of skills, and those skills are demonstrated in his certificates. A quick look at the certificates will let you know whether the person in question will be able to handle the project.

Choose a professional who specializes in your project type

Assess Colorado contractors and find out if they’re handy in your type of project. Today, most projects are regulated and code-specific. As such, you need a general contractor who’s well aware of details required in a particular project.

Many professionals often take up classes and specialize in particular kinds of projects. So they’re experts in those fields. That lets them address potential issues and perform the job correctly. A good contractor knows how to anticipate and handle the nuances of the work. Focus on contractors who’re specialist in your particular type of project.


Experience matters most in any field. In fact, an experienced general contractor is a better person than a novice contractor. Never consider a contractor who’s just getting started. Such a person could screw up things, especially in the case of a major project. It’s best to rely on an expert who has completed similar projects in the past. Hiring such a contractor ensures your project will be finished on time as required without any issues.

Check reviews and ratings

Good Colorado contractors are always applauded and endorsed by people. Many people take time to share their experience about choosing a contractor for their renovation project on review websites. A quick scan of reviews will let you know whether the contractors in your checklist are worth or not. You may also want to surf the Better Business Bureau website to find out complaints and ratings of contractors. On the basis of feedback and complaints, trim down your list to a couple of good contractors.

Check safety gear

Any home remodeling project involves risks. Mishaps and injuries are common in due course of time. You need to ensure that any injuries and risks are covered. For that, check the safety measures adopted by the contractors. A dependable general contractor will always come prepared with enhanced safety gear to combat possible risks.

Review insurance

An experienced contractor owns insurance for his associates and presents an insurance certificate copy for validation. If a contractor doesn’t carry insurance, it can lead you into litigation in case any of his associates sustains injuries. To avoid this problem, review the insurance policy of the contractor beforehand.

Get estimates

Obviously, you want the job to get done at the most optimal cost. So get estimates from numerous contractors. Examine the price, quality, and warranty offered by each contractor in great detail. Go through their terms of service and clarify any ambiguous clause beforehand. Finally, commit to the best general contractor that can complete your project efficiently on time in a cost-effective manner.

Bottom line

Hiring an ideal general contractor for a home renovation project can be a tedious and pressing task. However, you may get rid of this cumbersome chore through thorough research and diligence. Just follow the above tips when checking contractors. Within no time, you could pick the best person for your project.

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