Ways to do Home Renovation Without Breaking the Bank

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One of the greatest barriers that home owners face when thinking about renovation is the cost of it. The worry being the possibility of breaking the bank and another worry being the possibility of starting a job that one is not going to finish. There is a plethora of options that can help one make an affordable decision regarding home renovation, and at the same time, achieve high quality outcomes. All one needs is to carry out sufficient research and peruse through the options available in the market. This article discusses the ways to do home renovation without breaking the bank.

Ways to do home renovation without breaking the bank

You need to evaluate of you need to renovate the whole house, or you need to renovate just some parts of it. Defining the scope of the renovation is going to help you isolate the things that you can skip. For example, low traffic areas do not go through degradation at a high rate. Therefore, such areas do not necessarily need a renovation every often. However, there are some areas that are going to require renovation. For example, the kitchen is a high traffic area and plays a critical role in uniting the home. Such an option cannot be by-passed.

It is important that you involve your family in the entire project. You will be surprised at how your children can help you in providing labor. Labor is expensive in the US, and if you have ways of saving the cost of labor, then you will realize that you are going to realize your objectives. However, children who are young should not be involved in renovation because of the safety concerns that come the same.

There are ample online tools which can help you seek expert advice on renovation. Thereby, you do not necessarily need to hire an expert. Some of such platforms provide calculators which are used to give a rough estimate of the cost of renovation. In addition to that, have a look at product reviews that are associated with home renovation. Now that such writers have used a certain product and strategy, you are going to learn about affordable ways of carrying out home renovation.

Again, in such online platforms, you are going to learn about the legal requirements of home renovation. Home renovation laws give a very clear direction on what can be done, and what cannot be done. For example, if you are renovating your home in order to give room for a home business, you need to enquire from the authorities if this is legal. If you do something illegal, you are going to find yourself in conflict with the authorities, and that is going to carry harsh consequences.

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Comparison of quotes is another strategy which plays an important role in saving the cost of renovation. It is advisable that you make at least three requests for quotes, and then make your decision based on the balance between quality and cost. For example, Washington Home Renovation is cheaper than California Home Renovation and different companies from different areas will charge different amounts. So it is important to get at least three different quotes. As you make your comprehensive comparison, ensure that you check if there are hidden fees as they can compound the cost of the entire project. It is better to take a package that carries a pre-determined fee because it will be easier to manage your finances.

In most cases, the cost of the project can go beyond the estimated amount. Therefore, have some money that is going to cater for contingencies. Again, rather than making a lump sum after the completion of the project, consider making your payments in stages. That way, should things go wrong financially, you can manage the risks. There are some companies which are willing to break down the renovation into stages, and you are going to pay for every stage passed. This is good for risk management as well as managing unforeseen circumstances.

You can consider sourcing affordable materials for home renovation, and these materials are readily available in the American market. For example, if you buy the materials early in advance, you are going to save on the cost of the materials. The Consumer Reports National Research Center states that when the materials arrive late, they could be broken. In addition to that, the homeowner may realize that the materials are of inferior quality.

Therefore, make your order for materials early, and ensure that they are delivered to the site early enough. This will help you correct any defect. Online sites such as pinterest can help you arrive at appropriate design preferences. However, as much as you bring the materials early to your site, ensure that they are not destroyed by pests as well as water. You can try various methods of preservation, preserving and protecting wood for instance.

Are you aware that the secondhand market could offer you products which are as good as the firsthand ones? For example, if you stay in New Jersey, have a look at Green Demolitions which salvages products from a high end home. You need to talk to real estate professionals and see who is moving, and you could get secondhand products which are going to be disposed off anyway. Again, visit the salvage shops in your neighborhood and you will be surprised by the ideal products that you can get.

As you work on your project, do not rush it. A rushed project is cheaper due to the fact that it saves labor, but a mistake could proof very expensive. If you do not have enough time for over-sight, seek the help of a professional who can stand for you and give you updates on the running of the project. Successful project take time to build, and you will take time to realize results. But optimal results will come slowly but surely.

If you want to save on the cost of renovation, consider using green products and services. Green products save on the cost of energy. In addition to that, the government has some incentives that homeowners can get when they choose to use green products and services. For example, solar power comes with benefits such as low cost of energy. When you are looking for a buyer of your house, green investments set you apart from the common pool of home sellers.

Traditionally, changing the paint is one of the most cost-effective strategies of renovation. After all, all you need is paint and labor. As a matter of fact, you could be an assistant during painting and further save the cost of labor. When you decide to do new painting, it is better that you opt for neutral colors. Such colors will not lock out potential buyers who may find screaming colors wanting.

When you are making your plans for home renovation, make sure that you have realistic plans about your project. Having lofty plans may just but frustrate you in the end. Therefore, check the amount of money in your savings account, and use the same to decide on the way forward. Similarly, if you do not have enough from your savings, think about how much you can afford to borrow. Remember that borrowed money comes with its inherent challenges and disadvantages, but it is worth it if it helps you achieve your object. All in all, if you feel you cannot afford something, it is important to think about dropping it.

There are home owners who feel that cutting down on the cost of the project means cutting down on the number of professionals, or eliminating them altogether. This is not going to help you. Rather, negotiate with the professionals on how you can get discounts. You can also commit yourself to participate in the day to day running of the project and help out. If you choose to eliminate or reduce the professionals, you are going to get rid of competency and professionalism that you could have otherwise enjoyed.

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Financing Options

If you feel that the home renovation project is going to break your bank, you can consider the financing option. The home equity loan is one of the most reliable type of loans (Home equity loan = The value of your home- the outstanding balance of the mortgage). If you take this option, you will be re-paying the balance of your mortgage as well as the cost incurred during renovation). In other words, it is a second mortgage only that it is not as big as the first mortgage.

The advantage of a home equity loan is that you already have the collateral (the home that you are renovating). In addition to that, you are going to benefit from a dispersed mode of payment thereby spreading the cost of the renovation over time. This will help you to ease the burden of the renovation.

If you do not have other borrowed money, then consider taking a personal loan. As far as your credit score standing is favorable, most banks would be willing to offer you a personal loan. As a matter of fact, they may not ask you why you need the loan. You are given enough time to pay for it, and this would range from two to five years. Another advantage is that a personal loan can be used for an emergency home renovation. This is because it would take as little as 24 hours to approve the loan.

The use of a credit card could be a viable option because you do not need to fill out an application form. However, you may not access much through this option. If you need much, you are going to require borrowing through more than one credit card. Again, a credit card finance may carry a high interest rate. However, credit card finance may give you as much as 18 months to pay the initial amount and interest. As far as you borrow what you can comfortably pay, you are going to repay your loan on time without overly stretching your budget.

Having stated that, you need there are a number of factors that you should consider when making a decision to seek finances for your home renovation. You need to evaluate the worth of your project. You also need to check the balance of your other loans (if you have them). Lastly, consider the interest rate of the loan that you are taking, if it is too high, then consider not taking it as it could burden you.

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Importance of Home Renovation

Much as you may get worried about the cost of home renovation, it is definitely a good choice and it carries a high return on investment. A renovated house is going to fetch a higher price when looking for a buyer. Moreover, if you renovate your home, you can secure a buyer in a short time, and you can proceed to other commitments.

A home renovation project is going to improve the aesthetics of the home. When visitors visit a home, the first thing that they notice is how your home looks like. Therefore, you would want your home to look unique and appealing. A home renovation is going to do just that for you.

Home renovation is good for you and your family due to the comfort that it brings. When children are brought up in a comfortable environment, they interact better at school and in religious institutions. In addition to that, you boost their confidence in a big way. Such children could translate such confidence into tangible results, academic achievement for instance.

Another advantage with home renovation is that trends keep on changing. By renovating your home, you are going to keep up with the current trends in the market. In connection to this, you are going to discard old trends in favor of the new ones.


As you can see, you do not have to break your bank in order to carry out home renovation. All you need to do is to prepare yourself early, source your materials early enough, and make informed decisions. Overall, home renovation is very critical in making your home comfortable and unique.

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