How to Make the Best of a Golf Vacation?

So you need help with your golf vacation! Perhaps, you’re planning your first trip. Maybe, you don’t know how to get started with the golf tour. No matter the reason, planning a tour is always advisable. If you take a look at opinions and feedback of golfers on their golf trips, you’ll find that there are differences of opinions. Some people relish an enjoyable tour. On the flip side, many enthusiasts end up with a disappointing trip. If you wish to make most out of your golfing tour, here’s a checklist that could help out.

Tips on a golf vacation

When it comes to golf trips, many enthusiasts seem to be pressed and stressed out. Many such individuals plan their vacation impulsively. Sadly, most of these golfing enthusiasts end up with a nightmarish tour. The reality is a golfing vacation warrants thorough planning and research. Without doing some legwork, you can’t expect a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Plan beforehand

Planning any trip warrants time and efforts, and this is applicable to a golf vacation too. You just can’t wake up on a blue moon day with a desire to have a great golfing tour. That will only make your trip a mess. So figure out when you’ve free time for the trip. A seven-day trip is desirable.

Plan your vacation in view of your holiday. Decide what you would like to accompany during the vacation. Besides your golfing gear, you need regular necessaries such as your dental gear, clothes, boots, food and drinks, medicines, money, and identity card. You may also want to book the airline or road trip in advance. As well as saving money, advance booking will let you choose the most comfortable travel pack.

Decide the golfing destination

You don’t need to travel too far. It could be tempting to go to a long distance and reach a far-off golf destination. While that’s certainly an option you may choose, planning a nearby golfing destination could be a better bet in many cases.

You could check areas close to your place of residence. It’s likely that you may find a place relatively close to your home to take a golf vacation just by traveling in a car. There could be multiple choices within a reasonable drive from your place. Also, traveling to a destination close to your home will reduce the overall cost.

Don’t overdo

Once you’ve settled on a golfing destination, you could consider booking various tee times to use your vacationing days. Although such excitement is understandable, it may not lead to the best experience. There’s no point in running down yourself on a golf vacation only to get exhausted.

Limit your itinerary to a set number of rounds that you think you can handle without any sort of trouble. Plus, you might have plans for some non-golfing activities during the tour. So plan the schedule meticulously that fits everything in.


Perhaps, the most expensive part of a golf vacation is accommodation. Many golfers shell out about 70 percent of their budget on accommodation. However, booking the accommodation/hotel prudently will save you loads of money. Firstly, don’t reserve a large room; it can cost you a lot.

Secondly, check hotels that let you customize your stay. Customization lets you remove unnecessary, costly amenities. Also, don’t book a hotel close to the golf course; such hotels are too pricey. Most importantly, book the hotel before arriving at the destination. As well as saving hassles, advance booking will cut down your accommodation cost.


Of course, you don’t wish to break your bank account on enjoying a golf vacation. So plan your budget in advance. Figure out your expenses during and after the trip. Also, keep some funds for contingencies. That will let you handle any unusual situation. As a thumb rule, carry as much as 50 percent extra and try to save maximum during your trip. A well thought-out budget will make your tour pleasing as well as cost-effective.

Come prepared

While you might have done some legwork for the trip (mentioned above), you also want to prepare particularly for golf courses. This extends way beyond your normal gear. Although you may have included all the necessaries for the golf tour, you need to ensure everything is in order. You can’t get back to your home to replace damaged things. Similarly, you may don’t want to expend too much on buying things that you forgot at your home.

Be sure that your clubs are in really good condition. It’s likely that your clubs are a bit slippery or rough. That’s okay when you’re trying your hands at home. However, you need to mend things in order to show your skills at new golf courses during your golf vacation. Also, carry enough number of golf balls and related accessories to ensure they stand up to all of your rounds on the trip.

Check weather conditions

Many golfing enthusiasts don’t pay heed to the likely weather conditions when traveling to a new destination. This is even more correct when traveling overseas. Perhaps, you’re not accustomed to too hot or too cold conditions. If this is the case, you won’t be able to play golf during your tour, forget about making the best out of your golf vacation.

It’s advised to travel to places with moderate climatic conditions. That should let you adjust to changes in weather conditions quickly. Also, bring the right clothing gear to protect yourself from cold or hot conditions. Your trip will be definitely more relaxing if you check likely weather conditions and act accordingly.

Bottom line

A golf vacation is something any golfer may wish to cherish. The idea of traveling to a new place for playing new golf courses is appealing. However, this appealing thought can quickly translate into a nightmare if you don’t plan properly. However, with handy details and tips mentioned above, you can definitely make your vacation joyous and memorable. Just take a look at the calendar to see if you’ve the opportunity to enjoy a golfing trip at some point down the line. If yes, buckle up and pack your gear.

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