How to Hire a Painting Contractor in Chicago?

painting contractor in Chicago, IL

Home remodeling projects are pleasing and fulfilling in the great state of Illinois. They give a sense of accomplishment which is why homeowners get engrossed in any such project. While it may be tempting to take a do it yourself approach, certain home renovation projects warrant a professional. Decorating the interior or exterior of your home with colorful paints is one such chore that should be left in the hands of a professional painting contractor. However, the key lies in hiring the best man for the painting task.

Tips to hire the right painting contractor

Many people just rush to the nearest contractor in Chicago, IL. However, this isn’t the best decision. The contractor you’re considering may not be the right professional for your project. It’s always advised to shop around wisely in view of your specific requirements in order to pick the right painter. Here’s a simple checklist that may ease your search.

Do some preliminary homework

Before giving thought to a Chicago, IL painting professional, you should determine what your expectations are. Do you want to paint a small area? Are you planning to transform your home decor completely? Jotting down your needs will let you choose the most appropriate painting contractor.

For example, some painters are proficient in interior painting. On the other side, certain painting services are good at coloring exteriors. Then there are professionals who’re expert at changing the overall decor with mind-blowing colors.

Decide what kind of paint job will work for you. If you need to paint a couple of small walls, then a general painter will make an ideal fit. On the other side, a contractor dedicated to uplifting home decor should be your choice for changing the theme and look of your house.

Seek offline and online help

Now that you’ve done some legwork, the hunt begins. First and foremost, seek help and assistance from your relatives and friends that live in Chicago. Folks who’ve painted their house will come to your rescue. In addition to offering the details, these individuals should help you select the right painting contractor for your project.

Trade journals, home improvement magazines, and yellow pages might also help you enlist reliable painting professionals. Reputed contractors never fail to promote their services through commercials in these venues. So don’t forget to check these magazines and directories.

Internet is perhaps the most useful source for finding painting experts. A simple search performed in Google will let you list out hundreds of painters close to your area. However, don’t limit your search to organic search results. Explore forums dedicated to painting and home decor.

As well as advertisements at these sites, recommendations from forum users may also help you find reliable painting professionals. Most importantly, seek help from your online friends and associates on social sites. You’ll be surprised how helpful your Internet friends and associates could be in completing your checklist.

Check reputation and ratings

After enlisting probable Illinois professionals, you may want to pat yourself and pick the contractor at random, right? Wait; don’t do that. All of your labor will go in vain should you choose the painting contractor impulsively. Your hunt may be over, but the choice remains.

Take a break and focus on reputed contractors. Surf the Better Business Bureau website as well as review sites. Find out complaints and opinions of users at these sites. Based on complaints, ratings, and feedback, narrow your list to highly recommended and best-rated contractors.

Verify certifications and experience

Now that you’ve a list of highly endorsed Chicago, IL professionals, you could be certain of quality work. Well, partly yes. Your job isn’t over yet. It’s likely that the contractors in your list might have not performed painting work matching your particulars. Maybe, you wish to customize your project.

This is where credentials and experience of the contractor counts. Simply painting the walls with desired colors is one thing, but attaining a great look to match or contrast the overall home theme is a completely different thing. Only a certified, experienced painting contractor can carry out intricate painting work and customize it to your needs. So narrow your list to certified and experienced contractors.

Check their license

Some Chicago contractors are licensed for only residential painting, whereas others are allowed to take up commercial chores. Contractors are also classified and issued licenses based on the scope and extent of painting, big or small. So be mindful of these things and securitize the license of each contractor minutely to figure out suitable contractors for your project.

Review their insurance

It may sound a bit strange, but set aside those feelings and ensure that the Chicago contractors you’re assessing carry insurance. Remember that the painting contractor will be working at your property. Incidents of damages and injuries may pop up during the painting project.

Never consider a contractor who’s uninsured or under-insured. Make certain that the contractor carries workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. That will protect you from any lawsuit for injuries sustained by the contractor’s employees. Plus, liability insurance will ensure that any damage to your property will be paid off by the contractor.

Ask for warranties and guarantees

A major Chicago, IL painting project involves a lot of money. Also, your expectations and dreams are at stake. So how would you cover these things? Checking warranties and guarantees should help out. A painting contractor that preps each job thoroughly, uses top-quality paint will stand behind his work. If a particular contractor doesn’t provide warranties or guarantees, then you’re better off choosing another professional.


Pricing is one parameter that affects any decision, and this applies when choosing a Chicago painting contractor too. You may want to make the most optimum choice. To do that, collect quotes from painters in your final list. Compare their estimates, material quality, warranty, and past work thoroughly. Finally, choose an ideal contractor that can deliver the best to realize your painting needs into a reality.

Bottom line

Hiring the best Chicago painting contractor can eat a lot of time, thanks to numerous contractors out there. However, it’s certainly possible to get away with this herculean task. Follow the above tricks and tips when checking painting professionals. Within no time, you could have your hands on the right painting expert.

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