Process of Ambulatory Accreditation



Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation is beneficial for improving ambulatory care and reputations. One of the most renowned organization Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) provides approval of ambulatory care facilities.

Process of Ambulatory Accreditation

There are multiple steps in acquiring the accreditation. To get prepared for the evaluation process, AAAHC has given several steps to assist hospitals and practices.

Self-Evaluation: Before inviting the official team of surveyors, AAAHC advises health care facilities to read the current AAAHC Handbook and go through the all the required criteria. Approval is not likely to be given if any criteria are not fulfilled, so necessary steps should be taken to fulfill those criteria.

Survey Application: After ensuring all the criteria has met, then it is required to submit a survey application by the health care facilities. Only after receiving the application ambulatory accreditation review process will begin and a timeline will be determined by the AAAHC. Also, the number of surveyors required and fees will be informed then.

Preparation for the Evaluation: After receiving the date surveyors scheduled visit date, it is necessary to prepare for the day. All the AAAHC Handbook requirements should be met and displayed appropriately, so it is advised to double check everything. Also, some simple issues can result in rejection like, cleanliness of the facility, maintenance of utilities and machines, an adequate number of staffs, their training, and salary.

Maintain the Quality: It is not likely to get the accreditation by showing quality during the evaluation time only. The surveyors are experienced and go through with all the minor details. So, it is recommended that the facility actually practice the recommended procedures and does maintain the standard.

Earning Ambulatory Accreditation will demonstrate reputation and quality of a facility. As AAAHC is strict to their criteria and the evaluation process is very thorough and transparent, people do trust this accreditation and prove the excellence of the facility.

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