What to Look for When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Lehi, UT ?

roofing contractor in Lehi, Utah

The biggest problem homeowners face when trying to replace or fix their roof is picking the right man for the job. After a hailstorm or major damage, fixing the roofing early is advisable to bring back things to normalcy. However, that doesn’t imply that you should pick the very first Utah contractor who knocks at your doorstep. A lot of things go into choosing the right roofer. Finding a professional who’s honest, trustworthy, and reliable may seem difficult, but that’s essential. Here are important things you may want to take into account when hiring a roofing contractor.

Get local referrals

There’s less likelihood of potential scams or issues when you pick a professional from your community in Lehi, UT. Such contractors are familiar with code regulations and local rules. Also, they’ve good relationships with local suppliers and area crews. So, enlist roofing contractors in and around your place of residence.

Use offline and online sources to list out local contractors. Your buddies, relatives, and trusted neighbors may help out in completing your list. Plus, don’t forget to surf the World Wide Web. Use local search terms and hit the enter button in any search engine. Within moments, you could find reliable roofing experts close to your place.

Look for manufacturer designations

You may wonder what the point in checking manufacturer designations is. Well, manufacturer designations are recognized as a badge of honor. The roofing contractor has to pass particular requirements to become factory-certified (some manufacturers have stricter requirements than others).

GAF (a roof manufacturer) enforces their top designation by allowing only 2 percent of roofing contractors per market to be considered Master Elite Contractors. One best thing about Master Elite Contractors is they can’t use their top designation in other territories. If you’re seriously interested in hiring the best professional, consider such a Master Elite Contractor.

Check license and registration

Today, you’ll find roofers in every nook and corner. While this may rejoice you at the available options, you ought to act diligently. Don’t pick the professional through communication alone. Make sure that the person you’re considering is allowed to carry out roofing chores in your area.

For that, check and verify the license and registration documents of the professional. If a contractor fails to show his license and registration papers, there’s no point in hiring him. In fact, registration documents and license are the key parameters that endorse the credibility of a roofing expert.

Assess certifications

Simple roofing issues can be fixed by any person. Many folks are into roof repairs. However, a majority of these individuals don’t possess any certificates. For this reason, they offer their services at a low price. While a low-priced service may seem appealing, you should be aware of possible dangers.

Fixing simple issues is one thing and repairing complicated ones is an altogether different scenario. Even if someone in your neighborhood recommends such a person, stay clear of such roofers. Rather, focus on contractors who’re well qualified and have undergone extensive training. A qualified roofing contractor will be able to demonstrate his skills through relevant certificates.

Check Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings

Some professionals blow in right after a storm. When you’re pressed to fix a roof instantly, you may be inclined to hire such a person. However, it’s always advised to take some time when choosing a roofing contractor. The contractor at your doorstep may not be the right man for the job. That’s even more correct in the case of major damages. You need a person who’s well-trained and highly-qualified.

It’s important to check qualified experts and verify their competency by surfing the BBB website. Find out their score on the BBB site. Also, figure out complaints in their names. Stay away from experts who don’t exist on BBB.org. You may also want to stay away from professionals with maximum complaints. As a thumb rule, concentrate on qualified roofing experts who receive maximum positive ratings with a good score.

Examine safety measures

Fixing or replacing a roof involves a lot of risks. It’s likely that some elements of the roof may fall on someone standing near the structure. Even the roofing contractor runs the risk of falling when installing or getting down the structure. So, how do you cover these risks?

Your best bet will be safety gear accompanied by the roofer. A contractor without safety gear may not be the right person for the job. Be mindful of this point and ensure that the roofing professional you’re assessing comes fully equipped with enhanced safety measures to avert any possible risk.

Review insurance

A reliable roofing contractor carries insurance for all employees as well as subcontractors and provides a copy of the insurance certificate for validation. Under-insurance or no-insurance can trigger litigation between you and the contractor in case a roofing employee incurs injuries at your home. So, examine the insurance coverage of the roofer before hiring him.

Check warranty

Roof repairs and installation warrant a lot of money. As a homeowner, you may want to ensure that your money isn’t wasted for a poorly done work. This is where warranties come into the picture. A reputed contractor should offer a generous warranty on his expertise. If something goes wrong with the roofing within the warranty period, you can contact the professional to fix the problem without paying anything extra.


Of course, you wish to enjoy affordable roofing work. However, never compromise quality for pricing. Your attempt to cut corners could invite a major disaster that could be really pricey. Try to attain a balance between quality and pricing. Hire a roofer that can mend and install the roof without costing too much.

Bottom line

Choosing the best roofing contractor can be a big challenge, thanks to numerous roofers out there. However, it’s possible to get rid of this herculean challenge by making an informed decision. Just stick to the above advice when looking for a roofing expert. With helpful details by your side, you could choose an ideal roofer without putting in much effort.

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