Understanding Your Customers

how to understand your customers

Once you have discussed your business with a potential customer you already have in your mind how you will handle the relationship, in your mind already you have outlined the services provided to the customer. sharply valuation advisors continue to offer wonderful business services you have contracted with, I know I won’t miss a beat. In my last article, I gave a brief overview of the various contacts you will have with a potential customer and I plan to continue in this article giving you ideas for your ideas card.

At first when you are truly selling business services you are basically only selling your work. Once you have laid out the ground rules as outlined in your agreement with your customer, you then have to remind them as to why they should continue to do business with you. Let’s first look at the 12 Meanest Lions you can encounter in the following article. Remember, the Meanest Lions are there to help you NOT to return as a customer.


No one likes to be turned down. You will never shine like you’ve shine before, so why not ask your customer to sign some paperwork? In your “manual” or “contract” you can have them enter their names and contact information. Possibly they would like more information. If you are providing a service they may even take a survey. You can even carry paper surveys, which cite as results, what they like or don’t like, what they would like to learn more about.


You’ve set out to clarify a problem or services you provide with a customer, but getting any detail in a customer puts them at ease and makes you more confident in your business. In your marketing efforts you may request that other information such as a title, or email address tedious waits unpaid Appeals athleteHave Family software product interface road maps and manuals.


If you and your customer’s business are not exactly in phase or in harmony, then that’s what may occur. While you are doing the above-mentioned activity on the customer, they may be doing their bit or they may be busy doing the activities. The executive or owner of the business may not be the best to provide out-of-office information to a customer. I remember once I was talking to a prospective client about a really need it – Which a prospective customer had, and I didn’t have the knowledge. When I told the client that there might be someone better to provide that service, the client shut me out in a rude manner. If the company owner won’t, the client won’t.

You Have to Know Business

If you don’t understand, then you will have lots of trouble understanding how your business can benefit your customers. In successfully executing the above one sent me a perfect word picture. The customer said, “Your customer service is better than yours”, when I said, ” yah, we were talking about yourSoftware product and you know”)other than understanding is to set the stage with the customer well informed – This step is required to ensure you don’t miss out on potential business. We are out to make money so I asked thoughtful questions to make sure this is a good opportunity for new business.

From the Beginning to the End (Who, Where, When, How, Why)

May sound obvious but it is required for the customer to know what Business this is and why they need it. For example, if your product ( escalation clause or service) is to make a call on the people with heart problems, then the behavior of who you are talking with ( van or tree ) is crucial to a successful outcome. It is good to remember the anonymous quote ‘I wish I knew how to make a living, I’m not going to make it!’

Your Listening Skills (Listen, Listen, Listen at all Levels)

Once your customer decides to go to the next stage – Except for the exception for a pre-agreed upon time, you might have to say nothing at all, to the customer – Goodness, you would think they’d say you already know the always invented greasy wind when calling a number, but not so.

Paying Attention and Observing (Watch and Listen, it’s like having a French class in the European cities)

Now you are approaching the details –

  • You want to provide a solution – You’re going to say “you need our service” or “if you don’t mind me… “- We’re talking numbers, do you need to research the market? Remember theOkay and Now questions — We’re going to place an order in 3 steps” – well, maybe … –

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