What to Look for When Hiring a Charleston Home Builder?

residential custom home builder in South Carolina

So you’ve decided to build a Charleston house – Great! You’ve taken a big decision that will let you reap the diverse benefits later. However, choosing to build a house rather than buying an existing one isn’t an easy choice. You need someone who could help you realize your dream. This is where a residential custom home builder steps in to resolve your worries. However, a number of factors need consideration when picking a custom house builder. After all, you’re going to work with the builder for months. So it’s essential to make a well-informed decision.

Things to consider when hiring a custom home builder

Many folks seem to be in a hurry when hiring a builder for their custom home. Sadly, most of these folks end up with a less pleasing Charleston, SC home. Building a house matching your specifics isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. You need a builder who could transform your dream and vision into reality. So how could you do that? The following tips and considerations might help you pick the right South Carolina builder for your project.

List out reputed builders through references

Finding a South Carolina builder isn’t difficult, but finding a custom home builder is undoubtedly a tough task. You can’t apparently figure out whether a particular builder might be a perfect fit for your building project. You need first-hand, reliable information about reputed builders in and around your local area.

Your friends, relatives, and acquaintances might help out on this matter. Those who’ve hired or are acquainted with a residential custom home builder might give you the necessary details. These folks might also offer helpful negotiation tips that should reduce your construction cost.

Internet is another handy place to seek information about reliable Charleston builders. Search online and list out reputed builders in and around your place. You may also want to explore social sites and marketing forums to complete your checklist.

Check their reputation

What’s their reputation in the industry? A reputed builder is the one who’s well-known among many homeowners. Check out the home building community and ascertain the builder’s reputation. Also, ensure that the builder has a good reputation in the supplier and Charleston banking community because they’ll be dealing with suppliers and bankers on your behalf.

Check credentials

Do the South Carolina builders in your list have qualified professionals? This includes architects, material managers, sub-contractors, and engineers. Check the certifications of experts at the builder’s company. A reliable builder always has a team of qualified and credible personnel. If you think that the builder has less qualified professionals, it’s better to switch to another one.

Browse the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

All builders have to report to the BBB.org. Surf the site and find out complaints and score of each builder you’re considering. If a particular builder isn’t listed on the BBB site, remove him from your list. Trim down your watch-list to a few reputed builders based on their score and complaints at the BBB site.

Scan online reviews

Many Charleston homeowners share their feedback and opinions about hiring a South Carolina residential custom home builder. You get a fantastic opportunity to read reviews and views of people who’ve hired builders in your local area. Check reviews under the right category and figure out what homeowners think about builders you’re assessing. In line with ratings and feedback, narrow down your list to a couple of builders that are highly endorsed for good-quality work and affordability.


Experience matters in any field, and this is applicable to South Carolina home builders too. Find out how long the builders have been in the construction field. The longer the builder has been in the field, the more successful and experienced they’ll be. Remember, building your dream home involves a lot of money and time. So never work with a builder that has just started. Assigning your dream project to an amateur will lead you to losses. Your desire to build a wonderful abode will manifest into a nightmare. Be wary of this point and focus on experienced builders with a proven track record.

Check their license and permit

Today, you’ll find various Charleston home builders. However, you may not know whether they’ve the permission to undertake building projects. So how do you ascertain that? A quick scan of their license and permit should resolve this issue. Any reputed builder carries the state-issued permit and license. If a particular builder doesn’t own a license and/or permit, it’s best to stay clear of the builder.

Material quality

Many Charleston builders use substandard quality materials. Consequently, the life-span of the structure is affected. Such a building doesn’t last long and eventually succumbs to minor disasters. You may want to avoid such a scene by ensuring the quality of materials used in the construction process. Make sure that the builder only uses top-quality materials. While high-quality materials will increase your budget, you’ll enjoy a well-built structure that will stand the test of weather and time.

Testimonies and references

A dependable South Carolina residential custom home builder is the one who could offer references and testimonies with a much better success rate. Contact references and past clients and find out their experience about hiring the builder. If the builder is endorsed by maximum clients, then look no further.

Check their previous projects in person

Does the Charleston builder offer access to houses they’ve built? Checking a builder’s work personally is a better option than checking gallery images. Visiting the homes personally will let you assess the work quality and figure out any flaws thereon. Additionally, you’ll get a feeling of just how your dream home will finish up.


Of course, you wish to save as much money on South Carolina home construction as possible. So get detailed quotes from builders in your checklist. Compare their rates, material quality, support, and experience in great detail. Finally, choose the builder that can build a top-notch home matching your particulars at the most optimum price.

Bottom line

Choosing the best Charleston, SC residential custom home builder warrants a lot of time and efforts on your end. However, you may ease this daunting task with thorough research and diligence. Just stick to the above points when checking home builders and you could be able to choose the right one for building your dream home.

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