Xenon Headlights – The Future or a Scam?

xenon headlights technology

People have become distracted by their gadgets and have lost touch with reality. They work long hours and spend too much time on the Internet. They fall for advertisers and special offers. In essence they are whatiscouances do to fellow humans. In some cases, xenon headlights can be seen as a solution for this.

They are not actually a solution, but a scam. They derive their energy from your car battery and are not underpowered. They will produce the same intensity of light whether they are hooked up on your headlights off or under the hood. Furthermore, they are inexpensive in comparison to other fashionable aftermarket headlights, so you don’t have to invest a lot in order to upgrade. They are efficient, unobtrusive, do not block vision, and they fit in perfectly with other factory components. You can take them off and respray the front and back lights easily.

On the other hand, if you like your lights brighter, then you would want to invest in xenon conversion kits. These concentrate high intensity lights. Unlike halogen lamps that are factory fitted on most cars, these achieve a greater level of brighter lighting output. They have high coated glass lenses and so are able to project a much brighter lighting output. By comparison, they do not have a relatively long life span, unlike factory fitted lights. Hence, they are suitable for long distance driving at night. On the other hand, if you are looking for an upgrade, then you can choose to replace your halogen lamps with upgrade xenon bulbs. These types of xenon bulbs are upgrade in terms of light output and life span.

By nature, HID light is more powerful than the standard halogen lamp. To take advantage of this, you would have to have a set of HDI xenon conversion kit. Fortunately, they are cost effective and yet very efficient. The same HID bulbs are also quite popular amongst celebrities and famous enthusiasts.

The latest set of xenon conversion kit includes different variations. These include HID high intensity discharge (HID HID), high intensity discharge with built-in starter and low beam. The built-in starter can be used to get the lighting started even during the day. However, if the time comes that you would want to use it at night, then you can get it switched to low beam.Other things you will like to check would be the color temperature. This can range from 4300K, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K and 12000K. This makes a wide variety of choices for your lighting. When you choose the color, it would be based on the supposed color temperature. Lower color temperatures appear bluish, while higher color temperatures appear purple.

The life of HID light is definitely greater because they do not have filaments that break and produce the harmful effect of heat buildup. This also results in lifetime of the bulbs, which are as long as your car can produce light. Because they do not contain filaments, they are also more durable than the halogen lamps. As a matter of fact, they are stronger and they do not have squ buds, which would eventually cause them to fall.

On top of all these reasons, xenon HID light are also more energy and economical when compared to other lamps. They emit more light but they consume less power. You can imagine when you are driving and the visibility is pretty poor outside. Yet, you are able to see quite a distance with these lights. By contrast, other lights will consume a lot more power and will produce a garish light that is very distracting.

Moreover, they are good as long as they can be installed properly. They come with manual and professional guides that show you step by step process by which is necessary to complete the job. And surely, they will not let you squander your money by buying a second hand kit that has not been designed according to the OEM procedure. If you have among your collection an old OEM kit that does not have impurities in it then you can be sure that they would not let you and it would raise your classic car appraisal by quite a bit.

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