Australia to join India, US, Japan in large naval exercises

Australia will join India, the United States and Japan in next month’s Malabar naval exercises in the Indian Ocean, in a move that is expected to strengthen the military relationship between the four democracies amid increased tensions with China.

UK government signs contract for first coronavirus human challenge studies

The UK government has signed a contract for the first human challenge studies for the novel coronavirus, in which healthy volunteers are deliberately infected with the virus in a controlled setting, and some receive an experimental vaccine.

China’s Covid success compared to Europe shows lockdowns are the first step, not a solution

Archaeologists unearth ‘huge number’ of sealed Egyptian sarcophagi

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered another large cache of unopened sarcophagi in Saqqara, adding to the trove of almost 60 coffins recently recovered from the ancient necropolis.

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10 stone lost in 10 months, more to go!

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With enough vodka face is numb comrade

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