6 Signs You Need Your Roofing Replaced




Majority of homeowners discover they require a new roof only after spotting some leak in their ceiling. The leak could be as a result of various roofing issues. However, there are several other signs that will determine you need a Hawaii roof expert for your roof repair. The following are some signs that it may be the time to call in a roofer.

Sign 1. Shingles which are cracked, curled, or absent

The above are signs that the shingles are close to their lifespan. When you see ( or do not see, as the case might be)) several of these kinds of shingles, it is time you consider getting your Hawaii roof replaced.

Sign 2. Many shingle granules in gutters

Asphalt or composite shingles normally shed their shingles when they start wearing out. The granules sometimes find their way into your gutters. They look coarse and black sand. When you see these signs, you should contact your roofer.

Sign 3. Wear and tear around your roof objects and openings

Pipes, vents, chimneys, plus other objects which penetrate your roof are places where deterioration might develop initially. Sometimes, the fixes may be confined to these particular areas.

Sign 4. Shingle granules in gutters

You should look into the gutters to find out whether they’re loaded up with shingle granules. Note that roofs appear to lose much granules when they are nearing their end. You should also note that inconsistent and/or darker color on some parts of your roof is another indication the granules have at long last worn away, and your roof needs replacement. Your Hawaii roof expert is going to help you.

Sign 5. Blistering or peeling exterior paint

When your attic is ventilated poorly, moisture or increased humidity may build up near your roofline. This may cause the paint to blister or peel off , and might also be an indication your gutter is falling. You need roof to be replaced by your Hawaii roofing expert.

Sign 6. Shingles curling & buckling

Shingles which are curled or rather buckling are another indication  you should call your Hawaii roofing expert for replacement. Look at the slopes of your house which receive direct sunlight. When you discover the shingles are losing granules or curling, it could be a sign the shingles are old or past their lifespan. It may also indicate your roof is defective. You need to contact a certified Hawaii roofing expert when you see these signs.


Article By: My Free Repairs LLC Kapolei

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