Why Birmingham is a Great City


Birmingham, AL became an official US city when it incorporated in 1871. It sits as the county seat for Jefferson County. Birmingham grew quickly into the city you see today, mainly do to its resources and perfect location.  Birmingham started as a major steel producer but quickly became efficient in producing coal, iron, and limestone.

In 2016 you won’t see any more steel production.  Instead corporations and manufacturing companies control most of Birmingham’s economy.  Surprisingly, roofing is a booming business and many people Google search for roofing birmingham on a daily basis.

Also, the Birmingham real estate market grows at a fast rate.  You can buy a house in this beautiful city within any price range depending on the location, size, and amenities.  Birmingham also boasts many locations to rent if you’re not a buyer.  This city has some of the most beautiful and economical apartments, condos, townhomes, and single family homes for rent.

Unlike many cities in the US, Birmingham has a thriving job market.  There are many manufacturing factories that constantly employ new workers.  There are also many white-collar jobs as well as engineering and medical professional jobs.

Another great benefit of living in Birmingham is the cost of living.  Basic living items are much cheaper than in bigger towns and cities.  Taxes are considered low and moderate as compared to the rest of the country.


Since Birmingham lies in the Bible Belt you can find a church pretty much on every corner.  The city boasts over 1600 churches!

Though not considered a metropolis, Birmingham has every cuisine that major metro areas have such as Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Greek, Italian to name a few.  Also, don’t forget Bar-B-Q as Birmingham is a Southern City and Bar-B-Q is incredibly popular.

If you have time while visiting this wonderful city is the popular family attractions – the Birmingham Zoo and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

For the sports’ fan, NASCAR is huge here as well as Birmingham being home to a major league baseball team – the Birmingham Barons.

The weather here is fantastic.  Majority of the time we have mild weather and winters very rarely go under 35 degrees.  In spring you will find flowers and trees in full bloom.  It’s an incredible, beautiful and peaceful sight.  Though, summers do tend to get a little too hot 90-100 degrees in fact.  When that happens it’s time to bust out the ice tea.

I hope you enjoyed my short overview of this beautiful city, and when visiting make sure you say hello.



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